Meet the Maker

Well hi! Welcome to Living Letter Designs new website.

My name is Temi, and I am the artist behind the hand-lettered prints. Here’s a little bit about me!

I live in the south with my wonderful husband, about a five-minute walk from the seafront, and I love it. I grew up in Bedfordshire, and moved when I went to university on the coast. I have been hooked by the sea ever since.


I have always been creative. My nickname growing up was ‘paper and pencil’. Anytime I was doing anything remotely artistic, I would hear from across the room *place Nigerian accent here*, “What is paper and pencil up to now!?” So I think its appropriate that I now sell artwork, and spend the majority of my time being creative.

Art and hand-lettering are my way of reminding myself of how real and powerful God is, and it’s how I get my daily dose of bible. Writing scripture out in the beauty it deserves, means I am “mind-full” of truth, and the fullness of God, and sharing this with others, makes it even more enjoyable.

Watercolour and brushes are my weapons of choice, and floral designs with lettering are my specialty; although creating custom designs can take this in any direction. My favourite thing about selling artwork, is creating custom designs. When a customer gets in touch with specific requests, and they see their vision in reality, it is extremely fulfilling.

Do explore the site, and some of the artwork and prints I have created. I hope you find something that catches your eye, and speaks to you!